Discover great tessellated art,
understand how it works, and create your own.
© 2022  (shown with permission)

Welcome to the world of tessellated art, where talented artists craft a figure that interlocks with itself perfectly to fill the page. Dutch artist M. C. Escher mastered the form first, inspiring artists worldwide to create the captivating art shown on this site.

At right, enjoy a gallery of artworks Above, enjoy a gallery of artworks as each emerges from an underlying grid. Click an artwork‘s title for a full view, Tap an artwork‘s title for a full view, or explore all the Art and Artists.

And try creating your own art, with the tiles adjusting automatically to stay interlocked. See if you can make a recognizable figure in this wild world where you have to draw two sides of the tile at once! Then add interior detail using drawing tools or Inkscape.

Seeing the variety in tessellated art it’s natural to wonder how it all works. On each artwork page you can run an animation to see the structure behind the art (example). And on the Symmetries pages you can follow a step-by-step tutorial, explore live diagrams with sample artworks, learn how tessellations are classified, and more.

Feel free to explore—smartphone, tablet, or computer—and connect with the community.

Note that all artworks here are copyrighted, and shown with permission of the artist. To use an artwork for another purpose, contact the artist via their website.